The Masterplan

Vicarage Field offers a thoughtfully blended mixture of flexible commercial and residential elements, filtered through an aesthetic that’s both ultramodern and organic.

The site’s varied offerings ensure that it stays vital and vibrant, day and night.
In turn, footfall is raised across Barking town centre as a whole.


Over 900 new homes
A new healthcare facility
A hotel with 150 rooms
Extensive high-quality public realm and green space
A multi-purpose cinema and new arts & music venue


Why Barking?

The revitalisation of Barking town centre is already underway with numerous schemes already completed, under construction or with planning consent.

Vicarage Field occupies arguably the best location of any scheme being directly opposite Barking station. The development will create a vibrant new heart for the town, replacing an outdated shopping centre with new suburban high streets. With fully pedestrianised access and high quality public realm, a compelling and relevant commercial blend of mixed-uses will provide desirable amenities to both scheme, and the wider local and business communities.

The East End of London has a rich history which now sees it becoming London’s growth centre in terms of where businesses, universities, cultural institutions and Londoners are flocking. London’s centre of gravity has been pulled eastwards due to the success of the Olympic Park regeneration, Canary Wharf’s progress and various major infrastructure developments such as Crossrail and the Overground extension.

Councils are supporting the development of a number of major brownfield regeneration projects such as Barking Riverside, however very few large-scale schemes benefit from town centre locations in already established communities. Vicarage Field is one of the few schemes that does have this feature and represents an opportunity to create an aspirational new town centre for Barking set to cater to an expanding population as London moves eastwards and upwards.


Curating the New High Street

A mixture of convenience led, independent and a handful of national multiple shops will be clustered along the newly created Ripple Walk and Station Walk – a bustling thoroughfare connecting Ripple Road with the Station.

The Borough’s food sector will be transformed with the relocation of the famous City of London wholesale markets to Dagenham Dock. Its consumer face will be a holistic Food Hub at Vicarage Field, delivered in partnership with the Markets and LBBD. Content will include individual trading units for food businesses, as well as deli style counters for market traders wanting a retail presence, and a branded fresh food offer. There would be a shared dining areas and flexible space capable of delivering pop-up events and learning experiences.

The area will have access to a cinema and music venue – providing amenities for the residents at Vicarage Field to use and enjoy.


“By 2030, Barking town centre will be known as a place for its healthy, high quality food offer. Residents and visitors will come to Barking town centre to enjoy fresh healthy food as well as learning, experimenting and finding inspirations. It will also be a great place for businesses to thrive and start their businesses.”

London Borough of Barking & Dagenham



Six key objectives to delivering the town centre vision;

To make Barking town centre a lively, attractive place for people to enjoy and interact with strong sense of place, identity and history
Barking town centre will be known by its high quality, distinct physical environment, with new developments being framed by heritage assets and excellent public realm
Barking Town Centre will be seen as place to start and grow a business, providing quality and varied jobs
Food as a key focus with a new food college and facilities with associated shopping, dining, workspace and entertainment
Delivering a socially, environmentally and economically resilient town centre, with a strong focus in achieving ambitious climate change targets
To deliver a rich mix of high-quality town centre developments, providing a diverse town centre offer and commercial space, new housing, community facilities and the associated visitor experience



Barking is located in Zone 4 and serviced by two underground lines, the London Overground and National Rail mainline service.

Painting the Town Green

Vicarage Field site was formerly a glebe – that is, an area of agricultural land owned by the church and used to support a local parish priest.

The design seeks to evoke the rural, community spirit and nature of the site’s past, bringing pastoral leafiness and civic purpose to urban East London. Vicarage Field also goes further than just appearance and ensures modern society’s aims of creating an environment that contributes positively both now and in the future.

Vicarage Field also perfectly aligns with post pandemic living requirements of more outdoor space and [over provides] to the extent that residents will benefit from a 2.1 acre private field in the middle of a town centre location.

Roof Gardens


In addition to the exceptional provision of outdoor space at Field level, the scheme will also provide building specific outdoor spaces across a variety of rooftop gardens.

The gardens will be open to the sky but protected by double height glazed walls at higher levels. The spaces will provide fantastic views but also spaces for quiet enjoyment and relaxation. The design envisages the terraces to be populated with planting and trees creating environments that provide solace and green spaces in an urban setting which most developments will struggle to deliver on such a scale.


2.1 acres of Field Level space
9 roof gardens at various upper levels
Equivalent of 44 tennis courts of green space